International Samtrac Course

SAMTRAC is a short course on-line mode with fundamentals and basic knowledge about Occupational Health, Safety and Environment.

The course provides students with:

  • Fundamentals and essential knowledge on Occupational Health and Environment.
  • A practical and valuable comprehension about the Integrated Risk Management.
  • Update about the legislation related to occupational health and safety.

The course is accredited by international entities such as the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management ( and the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health ( as the basic management course for any type risks person with average or advanced training should take.

Samtrac International

Samtrac International

Among the course benefits we can mention:

  • A course with international accreditation
  • Relevant legislation of each country
  • International students and tutors
  • Access to 24-hour course can adapt to the times and spaces of each student
  • An interactive content that allows an student to complete successfully

By enrolling the student will receive:

  • Access to electronic platform
  • SAMTRAC International physical manual
  • SAMTRAC International additional notes
  • Compendium of governing country rules
  • SAMTRAC International Guidelines for Risks Management

Do not hesitate to contact us for further details of the course.

The course is designed to:

  • Professionals in the field of occupational health
  • Risk Advisors / Insurance
  • Occupational therapists
  • Area managers, production supervisors, etc.
  • Labor inspectors
  • Occupational health committees Members
  • HR staff

The course is divided into 8 online modules on topics such as "Fundamentals of Occupational Health and Safety", "Risk Management", "Legal Aspects" among others, for which the student has nine months to complete and submit the final exam SAMTRAC International.

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