Outsourcing (subcontracting) is the daily management or execution of a business function by an external service provider. The customer transfers part of the administrative and operational control to a specialized company responsible for the administration of a given area. This involves continuous, direct or indirect management, decision-making. ECOS offers this service to its clients achieve successfully face the challenges of the changing global marketplace.

In this sense, the Outsourcing Occupational Health and Safety is a method that is now increasingly used by many companies for hiring and delegating the management of this activity to a specialist in the subject, allowing a greater focus on its target principal, significantly reducing costs. Outsourcing is run by a professional according to working hours engaged in customer facilities, enabling implementation of activities related to the management of occupational health of the company.

Outsourcing service ECOS Consulting

Outsourcing Service Advantages
  • Reduction in operating expenses.
  • Increased flexibility and reduced fixed costs for the company.
  • Easier management of administrative functions.
  • Provision of trained personnel.
  • Better quality of service to be offered by specialized company.
  • It allows the company to respond quickly to the changing environment.
  • The rate is 100% deductible income and generates savings in payroll costs and social charges.
  • The service is backed by the professional team that makes up our company, which gives confidence to the customer to maintain a continuity of service.


Service Mode
  • Outsourcing of Occupational Health for Construction Works (Full-Time or Part-Time)
  • Outsourcing Occupational Health Industries (Full-Time or Part-Time)
  • Outsourcing Occupational Health Administrative Offices (Full-Time or Part-Time)
  • Outsourcing of Environmental Management for Construction Industry or Office
  • Integrated Occupational Health and Environmental Management Outsourcing

Outsourcing service ECOS Consulting

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