Training can be defined as a set of educational activities aimed at meeting the needs of the company and that are oriented towards increasing knowledge, skills and abilities of employees. In general, the application fields of training are:

a) Induction: Is the information that new entrants employees is provided on the standards, rules and basic procedures by which the company is governed.

b) Basic training: It develops in organizations of a certain size; seeks specially trained personnel with a general knowledge of the entire organization. It generally takes young professionals who receive comprehensive training on the company and then receive destination. They are the "official" of the future.

c) Training: Applies to operating personnel. Generally it occurs in the same job. Training is needed when developments affecting tasks or functions, or when it becomes necessary to raise the general level of knowledge of operating personnel. The instructions for each job should be put in writing.

d) Heads Development: These are attitudes that develop specific skills and knowledge. Here, it is essential the commitment of the general management. In either case, you must properly planned both the sequence and the content of activities, so as to obtain maximum alignment.

ECOS Consulting Training Services


Training Services
  • Avoid obsolescence staff skills
  • It facilitates staff awareness on good practices
  • Adapt quickly to technological changes or other
  • It helps reduce staff turnover
  • It allows training substitutes that can occupy new features quickly and efficiently
  • Improved employee commitment to the company
  • It helps maximize worker productivity
Main Training Subjects
  • Basic First Aid Course & CPR Certificate
  • Cargo Handling
  • Principles of Office Ergonomics
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Accident Investigation
  • Fire prevention and handling fire extinguishers
  • Use and maintenance of personal protective equipment
  • Safe operation of forklifts
  • Safe handling of chemicals
  • Safety standards in the storage and transportation of chemicals
  • Safety and health conditions in workplaces where noise is generated
  • Legal requirements for Occupational Health Committees
  • Plan for Prevention and Emergency Response
  • Accident statistics
  • General safety in construction
  • Working in Confined Spaces
  • Work at heights and fall prevention
  • Safe use of hand tools

ECOS Consulting Training Services

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