Occupational Hygiene

Occupational Health services aim recognition, evaluation and control of environmental factors in the workplace that may cause health deterioration or significant discomfort among workers. ECOS Consulting evaluates and quantifies chemicals (in the form of liquid, mist, smoke, steam, gas or dust), using modern analytical methods and techniques recommended worldwide, with sampling means, pumps and equipment calibrated and certified procedures .

Among the services we provide,

  • Sampling and analysis of occupational exposure to a wide range of chemicals
  • Sampling and analysis of occupational exposure to dust and particulate matter
  • Evaluation of Occupational Noise, thermal stress and lighting levels
  • Evaluation of Environmental Noise for the Ministry of Health
  • Evaluation of Indoor Air Quality
  • Diagnosis of Sick Building Syndrome

Occupational Hygiene Service Advantages

  • High quality equipment to cover a wide range of services.
  • Measuring equipment calibrated and certified.
  • Analysis Laboratory accredited by AIHA.
  • Impartial report that includes data analysis and technical recommendations.
  • Management of national and international regulations (OSHA, NIOSH, ACGIH, ANSI, EPA).
  • Consultants with extensive experience and credibility in the field.
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Occupational Health Services

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Occupational Health